Adiuvo launched its operations in mid-2013. The company engages in the selection, development, financing and commercialization of innovative biomedical projects on international markets.

Projects carried out by Adiuvo follow global trends. In particular, they address the need to enhance preventive measures, and not only treat the effects of disease, and strengthen the patients’ engagement in the health monitoring process and promote their active participation in their treatment. The new technologies developed by Adiuvo focus on the following issues:

disease management, and the monitoring of a healthy lifestyle and therapies by means of mobile devices;
dietary supplements and functional food, that is, food that delivers additional health benefits over and above its basic nutritional value.

By ensuring the protection of intellectual property, validating technologies in clinical trials under pharmaceutical rigor, and acquiring marketing authorizations for new products, Adiuvo is a position to commercialize projects according to various business models on an international scale

Research and development work related to the projects in the company’s portfolio are carried out across the world, including the UK, Israel, the USA, Poland, Germany and other countries. This applies to the locations of research laboratories, which are usually run by the main inventors of specific products and technologies, as well as to clinical studies conducted by established research centres.

At present, Adiuvo’s portfolio counts more than 25 projects. Selected Group products are being commercialised on more than 20 world markets.

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