Polish Functional Chocolate from Adiuvo Investments portfolio conquers the Chinese market.


Cambridge Chocolate Technologies (CCT) – a company from the stock exchange quoted Adiuvo Investments Group – has received an order for 30,000 Esthechoc packages from the Chinese market. The estimated sale potential of this one product in the first year of the company’s presence in China can amount at least to a few million PLN.

This is the result of a renegotiated distribution contract with Allin (Dalian) Management Consulting Co. Ltd., which has become the exclusive distributor of Esthechoc Cambridge Beauty Chocolate (innovative functional chocolate that improves skin metabolism) in China, Hong Kong and Macau. The contract renegotiation and introduction of the product in China was possible after the final registration of the Esthechoc trademark by the Chinese Patent & Trademark Office which took place in the third quarter of this year.

Esthechoc chocolates will be available on the Chinese market starting from November this year. At first they are going to be sold in exclusive points of retail sale such as Wanda and Parkson chain stores. Additionally, in the first year of the contract the distribution network is to be extended by beauty salons, spa centres and pharmacies.

- The contract is the result of our business strategy which assumes presenting the market potential of developed technologies on the most perspective markets. Opening the Chinese market builds a high value for future strategic partners of CCT as well as companies from the sector which will be interested in buying our technology – says Anna Aranowska-Bablok, President of the Management Board at Cambridge Chocolate Technologies as well as a Board Member at Adiuvo Investments.

Esthechoc functional chocolate is already available in the USA, Great Britain, Arab states of the Persian Gulf, Taiwan, Finland, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Romania, Hungary and Poland. Esthechoc is the laureate of such prestigious awards as the Beauty Challenger Award received during the 13th edition of the Beyond Beauty Paris event or the Future 50 Beauty Award 2016 presented by the Women’s Health international magazine.

– China, which is one of ten most dynamically growing chocolate markets in the world, is now finally joining the list – adds Anna Aranowska.

The Chinese follow the global trend of “conscious” customers and producers pay more and more attention to the health benefits of consuming cocoa as well as other antioxidants. Ordinary dark chocolate contains polyphenols with low bioavailability. This means that in order to get any visible benefits from consuming cocoa one would have to eat a whole bar of chocolate (70-100 g, 300-600 calories) a day.

CCT has developed and clinically tested a unique, patented technology of increasing bioavailability of cocoa polyphenols as well as fortification of chocolate by adding bioavailablecarotenoids. One portion of Estchechoc (7.5g, 38 calories) consumed daily increases the level of antioxidants in the skin, helps improve its microcirculation and raises the oxygen level. It also prevents the aging processes within the skin making it look younger.

The Chinese chocolate market has a huge potential. In 2016 the retail sale of chocolate in China amounted to 2.8 billion USD (almost 18% of the whole confectionery market) while in 2010 it was “only” 1.7 billion USD. The estimates show a further increase in chocolate consumption in China by 50% per person in only four years, up to 0.3 kg per year.

As the latest surveys show, more than half of Chinese consumers decide to buy European chocolate due to its high quality and taste. At present China imports chocolate mainly from Italy (ca. 25% of total import) and the value of purchases from this country exceeds 100 million USD. For comparison, the value of chocolate imported to China from Poland is around 30 million USD (ca. 7% of total import). Thanks to Esthechoc and other products of Cambridge Chocolate Technologies from the Adiuvo Investments Group the value of chocolate export from Poland to the biggest global markets, including China, can grow significantly.

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