Adiuvo Investments abandons share issue plans.


Adiuvo Investments, a company specializing in the commercialization of biomedical technologies, abandons its share issue plans. Amid the unfavorable environment for increase in the share capital, the company is considering aternative financing sources, including debt instruments.

Following the completion of a detailed analysis of the potential secondary share offering parameters, in view of the current share prices and bearing in mind the estimation of the current financing needs, the Management Board of Adiuvo Investments has decided to abandon the plan to issue 1.62 million series N shares pursuant to the resolution of the Extraordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting of 25 January 2018.

”In our opinion, the current share price does not reflect duly the actual value of Adiuvo Investments and its potential and is not commensurate with the degree of interest in the Company’s portfolio products from the potential industry partners with whom talks on the future cooperation are in progress. The current operations proceed as planned and are financed with loans granted by the Company’s founder and majority shareholder. The Management Board is also considering the possibility of debt financing with the participation of external investors,” said Anna Aranowska-Bablok, Management Board Member of  Adiuvo  Investments  SA.

Adiuvo Investments is currently engaged in talks with industry partners regarding new solutions developed by its six portfolio companies. Different partnership models are taken into account, from capital investments, through the financing of clinical trials combined with the option of global marketing rights to the product, up to the sale of all product rights under a transfer agreement. AS many as eight portfolio companies of the Adiuvo Investments Group are currently ready for the international expansion of their products or sale of the technology to a global partner.

”The development of our products took slightly more time than we originally planned which the capital market discounted very strongly. We humbly accept the reaction, but we are also positive that the finalization of the planned transactions will prove the validity of our business models to investors and the share price will return to the level duly reflecting the fundamental value of our company and the actual potential of the monetized global innovations, both in the area of nutraceuticals and medical devices and digital health,” emphasized Anna Aranowska-Bablok.

She added that as talks were being held with the strategic partners, the company would be financed with the capital of its founder, Mr. Marek Orłowski and with funds from alternative sources the structure of which remains open for the time being.

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